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Matveev V.I. "World War III has started" video, in March 2016

Signs of a new World War III; global elite clans splits and confrontations; interesting aspects of the meeting of the Pope with the Patriarch of Moscow; who started the Europe migration crisis and why; the threat of the EU split; key problems of the EU; London's "triple game"; "Transatlantic" and "Trans-Pacific" treaties as "economic" NATO; TiSA as a global business project to erase sovereignty of the nation-states; 2016 Presidential Elections in the United States; the meaning of  "The Game" More

Matveev V.I. «Migration crisis - a plan of the globalists», – Kiev: 2016

The Migration crisis, among other outcomes, will facilitate the current US administration push of its global Transatlantic and Pacific projects - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and will benefit the interests of transnational corporations and the US political elites.

In 2016-2017, the EU should expect new shocks and changes that will result in a significant reformatting of its weakened structure, following US-drawn patterns.


Matveev V.I. «THREATS AND WARS 2015-2016» (Vol 1 and 2), Kiev: 2015

The book begins by asserting the coming of the crisis in global governance systems and the search of nations for the new world order, while the US neo-conservative ‘hawks’, or neo-cons, are desperately trying to maintain the US dominant position. The author characterizes the current historic period as the beginning of the new ‘arms race’ when he states that existing global contradictions have reached a critical point.

Matveev also predicted stock markets losses in 2015-2016 and also predicted crisis’s of many governments.