Matveev V.I. «Migration crisis – a plan of the globalists» – Kiev, 2016

Matveev V.I. «Migration crisis - a plan of the globalists» – Kiev, 2016

In this new book, “Migration crisis as a plan of the globalists”, Vladimir Matveyev addresses the current migrant crisis in Europe and argues that "immigration chaos" has resulted from the influx of millions of migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries into Europe and represents another tactical operation of the globalist institutions aimed at a radical restructuring of Europe. Operating on the basis of rich factual and historical knowledge, the author describes how the migration crisis, which is sponsored in part by active globalist, financial speculator and billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundation (OSF) through funding for pro-migration activists and NGOs in Europe and Middle East, is handled by European authorities under the slogan of so-called "Euro-Atlantic solidarity". The crisis, among other outcomes, will facilitate the current US administration push of its global Transatlantic and Pacific projects - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) and Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), TPP and will benefit the interests of transnational corporations and the US political elites.

The influx of migrants will accelerate fragmentation and can potentially cause a split of the EU as well as the destruction of configuration of the Muslim macro region. The book outlines the existing differences in addressing the migration crisis between Western and Eastern European countries, manifested most clearly in the position of Hungarian President Orban and some others. Discussion of political ramifications for Europe under Orban’s slogan “Europe of nations” instead of the “United States of Europe” actively promoted by US Atlantists, is upheld in the book as an important crucial point in the continent’s political development. The book forecasts the changes of the EU policies and the EU de-construction under the aegis of the USA and its close ally Great Britain. In 2016, the EU should expect new shocks and changes that will result in a significant reformatting of its weakened structure, following US-drawn patterns. Matveyev also sees concrete threats to eurozone and Schengen zone.

To better understand the contemporary geopolitical processes, the author dedicates a special section to outline Great Britain's role in the plans of the globalists (section 7). United Kingdom in its EU policies acts as a ‘Trojan horse’ and undermines the whole system of the Euro(currency) and the European Union, while also engaging in active information wars and misinformation about the events in Syria, Russia, Ukraine and other hot spots around the world.

The migrant crisis and its manifestations are symptoms of failed multiculturalism policies. The new so-called ‘islamisation’ of Europe will result in more and grave problems of mass migrations into Europe for which no clear solution is possible. Expansion of migrants into Europe will lead a way to instant reemergence of xenophobia across Europe.

The book addresses a variety of audiences and would be especially interesting for system analysts, intelligence services analysts and for a broad reading audience with an interest in current affairs in Europe and the world.

About the Author

Vladimir Ivanovich Matveyev (Matveev) is a political science analyst, expert on geo-politics and geo-energy studies. A graduate from Kiev State University and Asia-Africa Institute at Moscow State University, with a doctorate from Central European University in Budapest, he is the author of over 100 published scientific papers and books and more than 3000 printed and online publications focusing on a wide range of topics including international and interfaith relations, current policy analysis of former Soviet Union (FSU) states, Israel, global arms trade, global financial markets, analysis of oligarchic clans and systems etc. V. Matveev, in his books, predicted important events in political and economical life in the world.